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Childcare Coalition & Shared Alliance

Childcare Coalition and Shared Alliance is a leading voice for early learning. We work with more than 100 early learning centers throughout the state of Louisiana. The Childcare Coalition and Shared Alliance helps ensure that families are aware of the importance of enrolling their young children in high-quality affordable early learning centers. To achieve our mission, we lead projects that increase the quality and availability of child care professionals, undertake research, and advocate child care policies that positively impact the lives of children and families.

Services Offered

at Childcare Coalition & Shared Alliance

Startup Assistance

Assist New Providers with Startup Process

Licensing Assistance

Help Providers Meet Licensing Requirements

Low Cost Training

Help Providers Meet Licensing Requirements

Leverage Funding

Assist with leverage funding

Professional Development

Professional Development, Goal Development


Professional Learning Community (PLC)

Training Assistance

Assist and Train Family Homecare Providers

Substitute Services

Access to substitute portal and quality caregivers.

Our Mission Statement

Childcare Coalition and Shared Alliance is a community-based organization comprised of child care advocates throughout the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area who are dedicated to raising awareness about the absolute necessity of early childhood education, lobbying for sufficient resources needed to provide exceptional education and advocating for the well-being of children, teachers, providers, and the community at large through shared services.

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We serve the area of Gulf South Region.